Hunger Games Skills

I’ve been trying to get into more books lately, but I’m always on the move or doing some new project so audiobooks are doing great for me. Today’s audiobook: Hunger Games. However, I also remember a few videos on YouTube (Film Theory’s How to Survive the Hunger Games) that mention knowing your foliage being a critical aspect to surviving the Hunger Games.

If I’ve learned anything from moving here to Australia, it’s that you don’t trust any plants here, ever. Now I know that my statement is horrendously wrong, I’m just not a nature person—Would prefer to avoid the bugs please. Excluding the creepy-crawlies, there are still a large number of poisonous plants within this country and many of them look harmless, pretty even.

If you or a friend comes into contact with poison, the first thing you want to do is get some water. Washing off the poison as soon as possible, or sip some water if the poisonous plant has been swallowed. If it’s safe to do so, collect some of the plant to take with you to call Poisons Information Centre. You want to get as much information about the plant as possible: what it looks like, smell, symptoms from the victim, whatever you can think of so you can relay it to the Poisons Information Centre. From there, they will instruct you on how to move forward based on the information you’ve given them; which may or may not involve vomiting up the swallow poison, but DON’T do that unless instructed to.

I think the first, obvious, step to avoid poisonous plants is to not grow them around the house. Get advice from a professional if you’re not sure whether the plant is poisonous or not. If you’re going to go out hiking or camping or some other outdoor activity, familiarize yourself with the plants in the area or take a guide book that lists them. Most importantly, do NOT eat any fungi, especially if you’re not absolutely sure if it’s edible or not.

So maybe this information won't help you WIN the Hunger Games, but when there are more plants around than people, you'd be well off knowing which ones are harmful or not.

Poisons Information Centre phone number: 13 11 26

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