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Protect Yourself from Household Chemicals


The following tips can help you to prevent accidental consumption from household chemicals:

• Keep products in their original containers with the labels in place as this will allow easy identification of the chemical. Also, the label can provide important information about the product and what to do in case of poisoning along with the poison foundations hotline.

• Store foods separately from household chemicals. Containers can often look very similar, making it easy for both children and adults as well as pets to make simple mistakes. If possible, store cleaning products outside the kitchen possibly in the laundry or hallway cupboard.

• Do not mix different products/ chemicals, as mixing these products/ chemicals can create poisonous gases/ odors.

• Store household chemicals out of reach of small children. Use locks on cabinets and avoid keeping potentially dangerous products/ chemicals in cupboards close to the floor or ground.

• Watch children closely when using cleaning products. Most poisonings occur while the cleaning chemicals are being used. Once finished with these chemicals return all cleaning products to their original storage location immediately as this will minimize the risk of children play with or ingesting these substances.

• Wear appropriate protective clothing (PPE) when using spray products and pesticides. Protective clothing can include long sleeves shirts, long pants, gloves (rubber or material), socks, and closed shoes such as sneakers.

• Avoid areas where pesticides have recently been sprayed try to block these areas off from pets and children. Pesticides are absorbed easily through the skin and can be poisonous. If you suspect that someone has gotten a poisonous chemical on there skin put them in a shower immediately to was it off.

• Discard outdated products/ chemicals that could represent a poisoning hazard.

First Aid courses will help everyone learn and understand about poisons and what to do when things go wrong.


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