Okay, so we drive on the “wrong side of the road” where I’m from, but I have to admit, driving here in Australia feels chaotic. Maybe it’s the super controlled driving regulation or lack of a grid system (which might only be a Utah thing), but I definitely feel like I have to be more on alert here while driving. Also, any time I try to google accidents/injuries related to holidays (i.e. food poisoning for Easter and choking on Valentine’s Day) the first result is always, ALWAYS, car crashes.

After some research and review on the subject, I think I’ve come to see why holidays are such a dangerous time of the year to drive. Sometimes life gets in the way and people just forget the yearly car service required to keep your vehicle up and running. This along with various other issues that haven’t been addressed yet can lead to faulty vehicles creating havoc on the highway.

 Closely associated with the holidays comes stress. Stress relates to the fight or flight instinct, neither of which are useful when driving. It can cause people to make conflicted decisions and become reckless. Now multiply that by every person traveling on the holidays.

With the parties and festivities, there are bound to be some drinkers. Drunk driving is never a good idea, everyone knows it, but some people go against their better instincts and get behind the wheel. The number of drunk drivers increase every holiday, adding to the increased number of drivers and the increased stress.

All these factors increase the chances of accidents on the holidays, every holiday. If you can, give yourself a few extra days before and after the holidays for traveling. If necessary, travel at a different time than most people or use a different route. Do whatever you need to keep stress-free traveling to visit relatives, except drinking. Do not drink and drive, ever. Do what you can to keep the accident count down on the holidays, including this Labour Day.

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