I’m back! Not that I’d ever let this blog go without some pre-scheduled posts during my absence, but now I can slow down with all the excessive preparing.

Well, due to the 16-hour time difference between Utah and Brisbane, chances are high that my family and I will be suffering from jet lag the first day or two after arrival. It’s a serious thing, but it’s not fun. People suffering from jet lag are usually tired, groggy, irritable, and may make iffy decisions. It’s basically any normal person on only a few hours of sleep.

Supposedly, if you travel west, your jet lag will be easier to deal with because your body simply prolong your body clock cycle to compensate. Going the easy has a very different effect.

Before traveling, try to synch your body clock to the expected location a few days before hand. At least try to ensure you get enough sleep before you leave; being tired at the airport will make jet lag worse.

During the flight, avoid alcohol and caffeine and have water instead. Have several, small, light snacks along the way too. Be as comfortable as you can: wear loose clothes, use earplugs or an eye mask, and nap if you feel sleepy. Otherwise, a walk around the cabin might do you some good if possible.

On arrival, get some sun! This will help reset that body clock by signalling that it’s time to be awake. Speaking of which, now you can have your caffeine, in moderation. You want to try to stake awake when you’re supposed to, but a short nap is acceptable. Still no alcohol though. Then go about your normal bedtime routine as usual at the appropriate bedtime.

It’s perfectly normal to use relaxation techniques, melatonin, or even doctor-prescribed medications to help with adjustment, but it’s best not to use the medicine during the flight in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately for your vacation, your body can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks to properly adjust to jet lag. Let’s hope my family adjusts a bit more quickly than that. Or that I do, for my husband’s sake.

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