So I’ve always preferred to have hand sanitizer in my purse for when I go out, because you just never know what people do. Ever since this pandemic broke out, it’s been in higher demand than ever (along with most other cleaning products) and now more people are using and packing around little bottles of the stuff. It’s kind of a good sign when you think about it, but it sucked for a while when you couldn’t find it anywhere.

Anyway, soap and water is the absolutely the best way to get rid of germs and bacteria on your hands, but hand sanitizer is a great alternative when that’s not available. You can even use it with water when there’s no soap available. Why? Because hand sanitizer contains antiseptic ingredients which kill microorganisms and prevent their growth.

Always follow the direction on the label when using sanitizing products (or anything really). And you should remember that these products are designed to kill microorganisms; they won’t clean your hands of dirt and grime—that being said, some microorganisms may still be able to thrive on that dirt and grime so your hand sanitizer may not be as effective then. Again, washing your hands with soap and water is the best option.

Now I really wanted to bring this subject up because the Queensland Health twitter account has posted an interesting tweet stating “Hand sanitiser is not safe to consume.” I really hate that that needs to be stated but sometimes kids do weird things. You should immediately call the Queensland Poisons Information Centre if you/your child/someone you know has ingested hand sanitizer. If the symptoms are severe, call emergency services immediately at triple zero (000).

Queensland Poisons Information Centre phone: 13 11 26

Emergency services phone: 000

Info: QLD health Twitter:

Australia Government Department of Health:

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