As of writing this (the morning of August 19th), there’s a fog covering Brisbane that’s delayed flights even the CityCat. While I’m not personally I Brisbane, the pictures going around the news sites look pretty crazy. It’s not expected to last too long, but if a fog this thick can affect planes and ferries, you can bet that it’s going to affect people driving.

Utah is also no stranger to fog, or at least weather difficult to see through, and the two biggest things I’ve always been told are use your lights, but not your high beams. You want people to be able to see you, so turn your headlights on—the people in front of you can see you in their rear-view mirror, and so can oncoming traffic. You’d be surprised how invisible you become without your headlights on. However, because fog consists of reflective water, turning on your high beams can reflect the light back at you and all you’ll see is a wall of fog rather than anything ahead of you.

When in doubt, follow the lines. I mean, you should always follow the lines on the road or your in for a rude awakening when you pass a police car. But if you follow the lines and stay in your lane, you should be safe. If you do not feel comfortable or feel that you can’t stay within the lines, get off the road. Pull onto the side of the road or in a driveway or parking lot, but get as far off the road as you can away from traffic. You should turn off your lights except for the hazard lights so that others don’t assume you’re part of traffic and run into you, but because visibility is still questionable STAY IN YOUR CAR! The last thing you need someone unable to see you (a pedestrian) and being run down.

Just a few basic extras:

  • Give yourself a little extra distance from the car in front of you.
  • Take your time; don’t try to speed through the fog.
  • It’s okay to wait because fog is only temporary.

Be safe if you’re driving in fog. Use some common sense and a lot of caution. Most of all, if you don’t feel comfortable driving, don’t.

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