First Aid – Road Accidents

Specific management of a person in need at a Road Accident

There are some specific management techniques required to be carried out when helping a person in need at a road accident and these include but aren’t limited to:

• Approach with caution and make the accident scene as safe as possible.

• Do not touch a vehicle, or attempt to rescue a person from within ten metres of a fallen power line unless an appropriate electrical authority has declared the area safe.

• Use hazard lights, road triangles, or torches to warn oncoming traffic of the accident scene. Bystanders may also be used where it is safe to do so.

• Turn off the ignition of a crashed vehicle and activate the park brake. If unable to activate the park brake, place a chock under a wheel. Be cautious that airbags that have not deployed may activate following a crash.

• Remove a motorbike helmet from a person if it is necessary to manage the airway, assist breathing or control bleeding.

• If an unconscious breathing person can be managed within the vehicle, do not remove them from the vehicle unless there is a threat to life. Clear the airway of foreign material; maintain head tilt and jaw support and continuously reassess the airway and breathing.

• If the person in the vehicle is unconscious and not breathing normally despite opening the airway, remove the person from the vehicle if possible and commence CPR immediately following the ANZCOR Basic Life Support Flowchart (Guideline 8).

There are also specific management techniques for helping patients with Electric Shock which include:

• When power lines are in contact with a vehicle or a person, do not approach until the situation is declared safe by authorities. The rescuer should ensure that all bystanders remain at least ten metres clear of any electrified material; examples being a car body, cable, pool of water.

• Metal and water conduct electricity and may be extremely hazardous.

• In a domestic or similar situation it is essential to promptly separate the person in need from the electricity supply. Turn off the supply of electricity and, if possible, unplug

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