First Aid Course Updates and Renewals

How often do I renew or update my courses:

Did you know that ARC the Australian Resuscitation guidelines state that you must update you CPR at least every 12 months and the Electrical Industry update your LVR UETTDRRFO6B every 12 months


HLTAID001 CPR:                                    Every 12 months
HLTAID003 First Aid:                             Every 3 years
HLTAID004 Education/Childcare:       Every 3 years
HLTAID005 Remote First Aid:              Every 3 years
HLTAID006 Advanced First Aid:          Every 3 years
HLTAID007 Advanced Resuscitation: Every 12 months
UETTDRRFO6B LVR:                              Every 12 months

Legal Requirements

It is a Work Cover requirement in New South Wales that a workplace first aider must renew their first aid certificate at least every three years to ensure that first aid skills and knowledge are up to date.

Workplace first aider - Queensland, it is recommended that access to first aid personnel is available wherever there are more than 25 persons at a workplace, regardless of whether or not those persons are employees (e.g. schools, Tafe and Universities. Childcare and Family Day Care).

Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 sets out specific first aid requirements for certain types of workplaces.

Courses can be completed on our public days or groups can book a course specific to their dates and times.


Every workplace has a legal responsibility for ensuring adequate first aid provisions.

Personal Trainers - Fitness Australia require a current First Aid and CPR certificate as a condition of registration.

Agency Nurses require in Queensland to have current CPR & First Aid renewed as per requirement above.

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