First Aid Course NEVER Cancelled


First Aid Brisbane trainers provide professional up to date First Aid courses whilst making first aid training fun, real and true to life in a manner that everyone can understand and participate in.

First Aid Brisbane take pride in the fact that both small and large classes work groups are treated equally and will NOT cancel your booked course, like you we understand it takes a lot of organisation to fit in a first aid course, and there is nothing more frustrating than having that course cancelled due to a lack of participants.

Course cancellations are unfortunately commonplace in our industry. Not with us.

First Aid Courses  CPR courses ALL courses offered by First Aid Brisbane offer our Never Cancelled Guarantee

We recognise that there is nothing worse than to book on a course and at the last minute find out that it was cancelled due to low enrollment.

You will never have such as experience at First Aid Brisbane, as we offer you Courses Never Cancelled Guarantee.

This means we will not cancel a training course because of low enrollment. We will run a course even if we only have 1 person attending.

This guarantee applies to all publicly scheduled courses.

So, book your training courses with confidence up to 12 months ahead.

Our guarantee to you is that once you're confirmed, your course will go ahead regardless.

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