Falalalala Fala Fluffy

Due to my husband’s birthday, we don’t start putting Christmas decorations up until after the first week of December, but when we do, the cats are very curious. If your pets are like ours, they want to be in the middle of it all, watching what you’re doing and maybe even playing with the decorations. Unfortunately, many holiday decorations can be potentially harmful to our felines, canines, and other pets. Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe over the holidays.

  1. Secure the tree. Some cats are climbers and a new tree in the house is bound to be exciting. If your cat (or strange dog) is a tree climber, make sure your tree is secure and won’t tip easily.
  2. Power cords. Singing Santas and blinking lights are fun to have around and very pretty, but the cords are not. Some pets may be tempted to chew on them, so do your best to conceal the power cords and deter your pets from chewing on them. Most pet stores have chew-deterrent sprays you may want to look into.
  3. The ornaments. Round objects are some of the best pet toys. Mako loves shoving them down the stairs. So it stands to reason that a tree full of ornaments will look very tempting to our pets. Unfortunately, many ornaments are fragile and the shards will not be good for them, nor the hooks hanging them. Just as the power cords, take precaution to prevent your pet from playing with the ornaments and perhaps look into ornaments that aren’t so fragile or dangerous to pets.
  4. Tinsel and ribbons. The only thing your pet is going to see is sparkly string. However, these are non-digestible and can be harmful to the digestive track. If your pet is particularly fond of tinsel and ribbon, limit or eliminate your use of these sorts of decorations.
  5. Presents. Some gifts, particularly those with food involved, may be tempting to your pet. A popular gift (chocolate) is potentially fatal to pets; so rather than leaving it out for weeks and giving Fido plenty of time to rip open the wrapping paper, postpone putting out the tasty presents until the holiday actually comes around and you can supervise your pet around the gift.

Just a few other things to watch for as the holidays come around: fireworks/loud noises, hot days, festive food (BIRD BONES ARE NOT FOR PETS!), and mistletoe (very toxic to pets).  Please keep an eye on your pets at all time around Christmas decorations; the last thing you want is an emergency trip to the vet on Christmas.

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