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Electrical burns 


First Aid Brisbane know the importance of understanding burns and the differnt types of burns

Electrical shocks can be caused by contact with live electricity from a variety of connections that sends an electric current through the persons body.

Common causes of electrical injuries include:
• exposed electrical wires
• water on electrical appliances
• cutting through a live cable
• old wiring
• faulty appliances.
• Electrical shocks can also be caused by lightning strikes, however they aren't very common.

Electrical shocks can also cause a little more than a fright and some pain. They can be severe enough to knock someone unconscious and even stop their heart.

If a person near you receives an electrical shock, do not put yourself in danger:

• look for danger first, don’t touch – the person how has been electrocuted may still be in contact with the electricity, and if you touch them, you will receive the same electric shock as the previous victim.

• switch off the electricity at the main power box, remove fuses, turn off all the power points and unplug all cords for safety matters

• if it is not possible to turn off the power to the area, then use material that does not conduct electricity, such as a wooden broom handle, to separate the person from the electricity source

• take particular care if the victim if they are in a conductive environment such as in contact with water.

Always take the person who has been shocked to the closest emergency department for assessment. Make sure you call triple zero (000) or 112 for an ambulance if the person who has received an electric shock:

• lost consciousness, even for a second
• is breathing very fast or very slow
• has a heartbeat which is very fast, or very slow, or irregular.

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