I think my favorite tool in my arsenal is the dremmel—It’s so versatile and useful. Anyway, I must also admit that, for the longest time, I’d plug in the dremmel and just get started, sitting in my pj’s with my face inches from my work. It wasn’t until one of the little sanding accessories broke and a piece flew past my face that I realized, “Hey! I should be wearing safety glasses!” Now I wear safety glasses and ear protection every time; still kind of bad about the pajamas though. Point is, I didn’t really notice just how much dust was floating around, or covering my face, until I had to wipe down my glasses a few times; stuff that could’ve gotten in my eyes.

It’s pretty obvious to tell when you’ve got something in your eye (scratchy feeling, watery eyes, blurry vision, etc.). If you do get something in your eye, you should see a medical professional so as not to scratch your eye or cause an infection. Ulcers and even vision loss can result from such injuries. Your doctor may just wash your eye out with saline but serious objects IN the eye may require surgery to remove. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE OBJECTS PROTRUDING FROM THE EYE! COVER BOTH EYES AND SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY!

After you’re taken care of, you may become a pirate with an eye patch and you shouldn’t drive if you do. You should also avoid heavy machinery or really anything that requires depth perception. You may also be prescribed eye drops or ointment to prevent infection.

If you still have pain in your eye or your vision blurred or altered in any other way, you should speak to the doctor again as soon as you can. Also go if clear or bloody fluid is coming from your eye or if you have any other concerns.

So don’t expose yourself to potential eye injuries like I used to. Use safety glasses when using tools or working in dusty/windy places. And keep a respectful distance between yourself and someone also working in these conditions.

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