Daily Running Soreness

My husband wants to do more walks in scenic places, which is great. But you have to understand, I am a sedentary person born in dry, high altitudes. I don’t get out much. So! In order to prep myself for some of these walks, I’ve decided to start going for walks/jogs again. Long story short, I forgot how painful it can be to start up exercising again. My legs do not love me.

Injuries other than sore muscles that can be caused by running/jogging/walking are blisters on your feet, shin pain, soft tissue injuries (pulled muscles and sprains), and skin injuries (bruises, sunburn, other accident prone hazards, etc.). The causes of these are usually really minor things like improper equipment such as shoes or clothing. I thought it would be really hard to run “incorrectly” but apparently that’s a risk factor. Overtraining, which is probably my problem, is running harder or faster than your body is prepared for and is very common. There are a few other things like the sun and sunburns or just tripping that can be involved but we can’t go over everything.

All the injuries from the last paragraph can be well mitigated with the proper preparation and pace. Make sure you do a proper wamr up and cool-down routine before and after. Keep well hydrated and don’t push yourself too hard. Early morning and evening runs are probably the best times to go out. Invest in some proper shoes and loose cotton clothing. If you can run on a even surface, you’ll avoid trip hazards as well.

Now, for a different kind of safety talk, it’s recommended that you run in well-lit, populated areas so if something happens, people can see you. If you’re jogging super early or a little late, make sure you wear bright reflectors and can be seen by on-coming cars. Take a buddy or at least tell someone where you’re going and for how long. Take your phone and keep one of your headphones out of your ear; you want to hear if something is coming at you.

Walking is a nice, easy way to ease into a more active lifestyle, but please be safe when getting in your daily exercise.

Info: Better Health Victoria: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/HealthyLiving/running-and-jogging-preventing-injury

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