Creatures of Habit


Listen, people are creatures of habit. You have a routine: you get up, you get ready for work, you come home, prep dinner, relax, or some nonsense like that. But you know what? Your cat is even more of a habit keeper than you are. Whether or not your schedule has changed, they will stick to their schedule. They will eat, nap, bathe, and use the litter box at a specific time every day. So why am I telling you this? Because if your cat starts deviating from that schedule without an obvious reason (you’re taking them to the vet, you’re giving them random play time, etc.) there’s probably something wrong.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed that Mako had gone into his litter box four times within an hour. That should have been the biggest red flag ever! For three days I kept a record of when he went to the litter box and it was exponentially more than his standard three times a day. Turns out, he had a UTI. We got him on antibiotics and he’s all better now, but I should’ve known the moment he deviated from his routine.

So more frequent urination is the biggest sign when your pet has a UTI, but there are a few others. If your pet is straining to use the bathroom, is suddenly avoiding the litter box or having accidents around the house, has bloody/cloudy urine, or is licking at their privates more than normal, you should have your pet checked out.

A UTI can be a symptom of something or just be its own thing, but your vet is really the only person who can get to the bottom of it.

Please, if your pet is acting strange, take them to the vet. They hide their pain well so almost anything out of the ordinary deserves to be investigated.

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