Covid Pass/Fail

Covid testing—a concept full of memes and crazy information but maybe not explained well enough.

Even though Covid cases are on the decline, you should still schedule a Covid-19 test as soon as possible if you have any of the symptoms (fever, cough, loss of taste/smell, etc). It’s important to do so even if you only have one symptom because some people are more resistant to specific symptoms than others. It is also important to warn your clinic about your symptoms when you make the appointment.

Covid-19 testing isn’t something to get entirely worked up over. It’s been described many people as being uncomfortable, but not painful—if you are experiencing any pain, you should tell your doctor/nurse right away. So why is it uncomfortable? Because they’re sticking a cotton-swab up your nose; you don’t normally stick things like that up there. Regardless, as mentioned earlier, it’s only mildly uncomfortable and painless, and it only lasts a few seconds. If you’re coughing, they may ask you to cough into a collections container to test any mucus that may have been expelled.

I realize that may still sound freaky to some people, so if you’re nervous about taking a Covid-19 test, tell your doctor/nurse so they can help you. If you’re taking in a child to be tested, explain calmly to them how the test is going to go. Explain the equipment that the medical staff will be wearing so they don’t seem as scary. Remember, the child will usually take cues from the parent, so if the parent escalates the situation, the child will probably follow—So stay calm.

Your results will dictate what happens next. If you test positive, you may have to self-isolate or be quarantined; they’ll let you know which. If you’re negative, they may still ask you do go into quarantine because you may have been in contact with someone who did test positive at some point. Tests take a couple of days to complete, so make sure your prepared to self-isolate if necessary.

There’s still some more information if you have other questions on the Queensland Health site for anyone interested.

Info: Queensland Health

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