Covid Mental Health

In May, I talked a bit about people developing depression during this crazy Covid time; well things are starting to get better, but there are still no guarantees about anything yet. However, there are still a lot of health sites (both government and private) talking about mental health. Mental health is a big thing that the world is still adjusting to—it’s not exactly normal to have anxiety, depression, etc, but there’s really not this stigmatism about getting the proper help needed like there used to be. That being said, aside from seeing a professional (which I recommend you do first if you truly feel you may have any sort of mental health issue) there are a few things you can do to help ease some of the stress you may be experiencing.

The page “Dear Mind” that the Queensland Government has put up has a list of six types of activities to help strengthen people’s mental wellbeing. These include:

  • Get healthy – being active, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep
  • Keep learning – challenging your mind and seeking new things
  • Showing kindness – giving back, showing gratitude, and bringing joy to others
  • Connecting more – developing relationships and staying in contact with others
  • Take notice – being mindful and being in the moment
  • Embracing nature – going outside to connect with nature

Now the take notice section is pretty similar to the mindfulness we talked about in August, about how you should take a moment to do something calming that you enjoy. The rest is pretty self-explanatory and the “Dear Mind” page has several examples if you’re not sure where to start.

The thing about mental health is that it’s an on-going process. A one-off session taking care of yourself isn’t going to be enough to solve all your worries; it takes forming a habit for these activities (even the habit of doing a different one each time) to help. That’s not to say that doing this alone will cure everything—you need to speak with a mental health specialist who will be able to better diagnose your specific condition and help you create a plan to start feeling better. So please do your research and find someone who can help you get back on track.

Info: Dear Mind: Your Mental Wellbeing, QLD Gov:

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