Coloring Peace

You know what caught my eye today? A coloring book. It’s very tempting to indulge in that old childish activity and just let everything else disappear for a while. Apparently the use of coloring books as an adult (and probably for teens and children too) promotes mindfulness.

Mindfulness is taking in the present moment as it is and not concerning ourselves with the past or future. While memories of the past come up and everyone needs to be somewhat concerned with the future, those kinds of thoughts can often make people anxious, angry, sad, and a whole mixed bag of negative emotions. I’m not saying everyone thinks this way all the time, but past regrets and worries of the future do come up.

There are a couple different benefits that can come from mindfulness other than forgetting some of your worries. Rumination (meaning constantly thinking about the things that bother you) and stress tend to go down when focused on the present moment. Memory and the ability to focus can improve with mindfulness. There’s also something about lowering stress that allows the immune system to better do its job.

Coloring books aren’t the only way to practice mindfulness—meditation is a common and well-known way to do so. Almost anything you do, if you take a moment to observe all the little details, you’re practicing mindfulness; noticing the each bit of added color while filling in a coloring book, listening to the distinct crunch of an apple when you bite into it, paying attention to breathing, focusing on the texture of fabric between your fingers, really any little detail you can focus on that you maybe haven’t put too much thought into before counts as mindfulness.

So, take a little moment every day to relax and do something to practice your mindfulness.

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