A couple weeks ago, I found myself unable to sleep. I spent hours rolling back and forth only to admit defeat when my alarm rang to get ready for work. After talking with my mother-in-law, she recommended cleaning our air conditioners, which my husband and I run almost all the time. After some mulling around, we got the AC units cleaned and I started sleeping through most the night again. Now this isn’t to say that the two incidents are one hundred percent directly related—it could’ve totally been coincidence. But the truth is, we should’ve cleaned our AC months ago and we’re probably better for it.

Cleaning your air conditioners tend to have three major benefits. The first is improving the efficiency of the machine. All around, this makes the machine work better and reduces electricity bills. When it’s in shape and working properly, it leads to our next benefit which is extending the life or your AC unit. Because the machine is working more effectively, there’s less wear. And if you check on your machine regularly, you can get a jump on any arising issues before you lose your cool breeze or an accident happens.

The final benefit leads back to the story I mentioned. Regular maintenance on your air conditioners removes all the gunk in the machine which then provides better air quality in your home. Bacteria and other gross organisms build up in your AC and get spit back into the room anytime you turn your AC on, making life unexplainably groggy. Not only can you get headaches and lose sleep, but respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis become real possibilities.

I know this is one more chore to add to the never-ending list of adulthood, but you’d be surprised by how much value the little things can add to your life; even if it’s just getting a full night’s sleep.

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