Cat time!

Mako has a very strong obsession with grass. When we buy him cat grass, it’s impossible to keep him away and when we take him outside, it’s the first thing he looks for. Though it’s not 100% sure why cats actually eat grass. But fret not! Eating grass is perfectly safe and normal for cats.

There are a few theories as to why cats eat grass, but no one can say for sure. The popular opinion is that cats eat grass to induce vomiting or they feel sick. Cats can’t actually digest grass, so it comes out exactly the same as it goes in, regardless of which end that it. Some people think they eat grass to help out in the litter box, meaning they use it as a laxative, usually when they’ve eaten other indigestible things such as bones, fur, and feathers. And others still suggest cats do so for vitamins they don’t naturally get, such as folic acid. Then the last group assume cats just enjoy it. Whatever the reason, again, it’s not going to harm your cat, though you should keep an eye on any potential side effects (such as cats vomiting more often than they should).

If your cat enjoys eating grass, there’s no reason why you should deny them. You can buy cat grass planters from almost any pet store and other stores such as Bunnings. It’s best if you get these kinds of planters because who knows what could be on common, other grass. You want to give them grass that hasn’t been treated or sprayed with anything.

So give your cat a treat. Fair warning though, make sure you trim the grass to bite-able lengths; otherwise you may end up having to help your cat remove it from the tail end (and let me tell you, that is not fun).

Info: Greencross Vets:,enjoy%20the%20taste%20and%20texture.

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