Cat Fountain Invaders

Cat time!

Both cats in the house have water fountains. Now apparently there’s some debate as to whether cats actually prefer flowing or still water, but for the most part, it just depends on your cat. Turns out, the cats in our house prefer the fountains. Moving on.

After reading the instructions, I got into the routine of changing the water in Mako’s fountain twice a week and cleaning it thoroughly once a week. However, Mako also has a daily routine of spending 30 minutes outside every night. You know, when all the mosquitoes are out! Our living area upstairs is far from any access to the outside world, so I can only assume that one mosquito made the journey upstairs via me and my giant hoodie. And as it turns out, many varieties of mosquitoes reproduce by laying eggs in water. What am I getting at? I found mosquito larvae in the filter of Mako’s fountain!

I was nearly in full panic mode. That filter went all the way to the outside garbage at 10 P.M. I was up all night thinking about it and already made plans to visit the vet the next day to ask them if my poor floof was in danger of heart worms.  The answer is no.

Okay, so the short answer is no, but that’s no excuse to leave the mosquitoes in the water. Mosquitoes transfer heart worms and things like that by mixing blood when they bite meaning drinking/eating them isn’t that bad but I wouldn’t encourage a pet to do that as there is still a possibility. It also helps if your pet is regularly treated for worms; meaning a worming tablet every three months for cats and dogs. But consult your vet first because the frequency of worming may very with older pets and kittens and puppies.

The take away for today’s kind of random blog is to have your pet regularly treated for worms and check their water frequently. While a mosquito or two consumed isn’t likely to harm your pet, you don’t want them lapping up a horde of them—that just ups the chances of finding that one really bad one. So worm your pets and check their water.

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