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Broken  toes.

Broken toes are often caused by trauma or injury to the area. Prolonged repetitive movements can cause a type of broken toe which is called a stress or a hairline fracture.

Symptoms of a broken toe include:

·  pain,
· swelling,
· stiffness,
· bruising,
· deformity,
· and difficultly walking.

Possible complications for a person who has a broken toe can but not always include:

· nail injury,
· compound fracture,
·  infection,
·  deformity,
· or arthritis.

It is very important that the person what has the injury seeks immediate medical care if suspect that it is an open fracture of the toe; along with  if there is bleeding; cold, numb, or tingling sensation; if the toe appears deformed or is pointing in the wrong direction; or is turning a blue or grey colour. A broken toe is to be diagnosed by a doctor by medical examination, which can sometimes include an X-ray.

To help a person decrease the pain and swelling in a broken toe, elevate the foot slightly, ice the injury, and stay off the foot for a while.

Depending on the level of severity fracture that has occurred, the toe may need to be put back into place by a doctor, and some compound toe fractures may require surgery this is only to be done my a medical professional.

Pain brought on from a broken toe can usually be controlled with over-the-counter pain medication such as Panadol discuss with Dr or pharmacist before doing this. We can also use a method called Buddy taping this involves taping the toe to an adjacent toe  or a splint can be used to secure the fractured toe. Most broken toes heal without complications in six weeks.

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