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My husband’s only just discovered the black dot on his heel. I finally got a good look at it to figure out that it’s a blood blister, deep under his skin. Normally, blisters are a raised bump on the skin, but because of the thick, calloused skin on his feet, all we could see was the dark blood collected there.

Anyway, blisters. As mentioned before, blisters are pockets in the skin filled with fluid (either clear or sometimes blood) are usually, blistered are reddened and sore/painful to touch. Blisters are the body’s response to an injury or even just pressure against the skin. Shoes that don’t fit right, friction (hard work), burns, allergen irritants, and skin infections can all be causes of blisters.

Most blisters don’t need medical attention except under severe circumstances. However, if they are recurrent, caused by a burn, start to ooze pus, worsen (more swollen or inflamed), think it might be infected, or appear seemingly without a cause, you should consult with your doctor.

You really shouldn’t pop a blister if you can help it. That’s the quickest way to get an infection and slow the healing process. However, if you must, please disinfect the area with soap or other disinfectant and the prick it with a sterilized needle. You can then slowly drain blister. Leave the loose skin as it serves as a protective barrier over the more sensitive skin inside. But you can cover it with a plaster/Band-Aid if you think it needs a bit more protection.

You can prevent by wearing proper equipment when doing work or sports to lessen friction against the skin. Clothing that draws moisture away from the body is also helpful, or you can just change your sweaty/damp clothes more often. Protect yourself against the sun and handle chemicals with care. Overall, it’s fairly easy to avoid blisters.

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