Back To School Mishaps/Pencils

We’re getting back into a new school term and kids are not quite running back to class, but they’re probably going back with new school supplies. And the one thing every kid has is a pencil. They need it for their assignments, class sketches, and to make annoying tapping sounds on desks. They are also an object very capable of stabbing. Usually it’s an accidental thing, but apparently, it’s more common than I thought. I figured I was the only weirdo who managed to accidentally stab herself with an overly sharpened pencil. 

I think the first thing you need to know is that your child will not get lead poisoning. Graphite is not actually lead and is perfectly harmless, even if swallowed. (Please don’t tell your kids it’s okay to swallow pencil lead).

Usually, these are accidents are pretty minor with minor punctures or even just a scratch. Calm the child down and wash out the cut with water. Then cover up with an adhesive bandage. If any lead gets stuck, treat it like a sliver and remove with sterile tweezers. Really easy, right?

Sometimes, though, things aren’t quite as easy to deal with. Sometimes the injury is more severe having caused a deep puncture or hitting somewhere sensitive. I’m not going to go into detail for obvious reasons. In either of these cases, call 000. Apply pressure to the injury to stop the bleeding. Hold the injury under running water to clean out any dirt and cover with a bandage. After, keep the area clean and dry and make sure your child doesn’t do anything to make the injury worse. If the pencil is still in the wound, do not remove it, apply a donut bandage for stability and take the child to a hospital.

Accidents with pencils are generally minor and won’t require going to the hospital. HOWEVER, if you think the injury may be getting worse or infected, take your child to see a doctor. If you’re not sure or are worried for any reason at all, even the smallest reason, take the child to the doctor. Better safe than sorry.

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