ANZCOR Guideline 3

Recognition and First Aid Management of the Unconscious Person

When looking into the ANZCOR guidelines specifically relation to the recognition and management of an unconscious person A lot of people frequently ask well who does this guideline apply to? This guideline applies to all persons who are unconscious. As unconsciousness is a state of unarousable, unresponsiveness, where the person is unaware of their surroundings and no purposeful response can be obtained after asking can I help you. Another frequently asked questions are, who is the audience for this guideline? This guideline is for use by bystanders, first aiders or first aid providers, first responders and health professionals.

Recommendations that The Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation (ANZCOR) recommends that in all emergencies where a person has been found to be unconscious, the rescuer or person helping should manage the unconscious person who has been identified to be breathing normally as follows:

• Ensure the safety of both the person and rescuer along with any by standers by quickly checking the surroundings and environment for hazards or potential risks.

• Assist the unconscious person to the ground if they aren’t already on the ground and position on their side into the recovery position. Ensure the airway is open (Guideline 4). Do not leave the person sitting in a chair nor put their head between their knees as this can make it harder for them to breath along with the risk factor of them falling and hurting themselves.

• Call an ambulance on 000 or 112 as soon as you can.

• Promptly stop any bleeding that you may find depending on the nature of the incident (Guideline 9.1.1).

• Constantly re-check the person’s condition for any change. If the person is unresponsive and not breathing normally, follow ANZCOR Basic Life Support Flowchart (Guideline 8).

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