Straight forward with the title today.

I was an angry person when I was still in school. I’ve certainly mellowed out now but sometimes I still find myself getting worked up over petty things. So we’ll talk about that today.

Anger is normal and even healthy, but it’s how you act with the anger that determines whether you have a problem or not. Obviously, violence and harming others or yourself is not the answer so you’ll have to find a non-destructive way to work through your anger. Health Direct lists the following ways to help calm yourself when you begin to feel angry:

  • Time out: Step away from the situation and get some space. It’s okay to come back to it later.
  • Controlled breathing: Like mediation. Breathe deeply while you try to relax your muscles.
  • Talk yourself down: Some self-motivation may be the key to regaining your composure. “I can handle this” or Relax”. Don’t try to blame yourself or others.
  • Imagery: Probably excuse yourself before you do this one, stopping in the middle of a conversation might seem strange. But imagine yourself doing something you enjoy or someplace you want to be.
  • Exercise: Not something difficult or exerting. Something more relaxed like yoga or stretching. Make sure you’re mindful of your breathing as you go.

Something to help before you get angry: make a list. List the things that frustrate you and get you really worked up and avoid them. Now I know this isn’t always possible, but knowing what upsets you can go a long way in avoiding many meltdowns.

If you find yourself getting often angry and it seems to be disrupting your life, you may want to consider a few things:

  • Do you have trouble controlling your actions when angered?
  • Have you ever regretted your actions after being angry?
  • Have you ever been violent or abusive when angry?
  • Has anyone ever commented about your behavior when you’re angry?

You may want to seek help if you answered yes to any of these questions. There is no shame in saying yes, that’s the first step to recognizing there’s something wrong and fixing it.

Info: Health Direct

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