Anaphylaxis First Aid Courses

Anaphylaxis HLTAID004

The new course HLTAID004 Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting ensures you will not only recognize a child have an Anaphylaxis reaction but to know what to do at that time.

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can occur in sensitive individuals from exposure to any chemicals foreign to the body, including bites and stings, plants, or medications.

Parts of the body, for example the face or throat, swell up so much that the patient can't breathe.

In severe cases the patient may go into shock within a few minutes and the heart can stop. Understanding Anaphylaxis is fantastic knowing how to provide CPR is even better, the HLTAID004 course includes CPR for you.

For any patient who shows signs of anaphylaxis, call 000 for an ambulance, and have the patient taken immediately to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.

If you have an Auto Injector USE IT

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