Everyone in our house has some sort of “watch.” My husband and I have Fitbits while I’m pretty sure my in-laws have apple watches. What’s interesting is that most of these have location capabilities and I believe the Apple Watches have emergency information on them. I mention all of this because I found an article on Facebook where a man had a pretty nasty fall while mountain biking.

Searching through various news sites for the story, Mr. Burdett was biking when he flipped his bike and knocked himself unconscious. Consequently, he failed to meet up with his son, Gabe, which was concerning, but his son then received a text from the Apple Watch that it had “detected a Hard Fall”. However, by the time Gabe arrived to the location the watch had sent, Mr. Burdett had already been picked up by emergency services and taken to the hospital. The watch then updated Gabe that his father was at the hospital. Not only did the watch alert the son, but also emergency services and had given them his location. They were able to get him to a hospital within thirty minutes of the accident.

I know a lot of people find watches like these silly and convoluted, but technology advances to make life easier. Mr. Burdett’s situation could have been far worse had the watch not alerted Gabe and emergency services. Even if you don’t have a smart watch, check your phone’s settings. Most phones now have a section under “Accounts” for emergency information. Mine lists blood type, allergies, medications, whether I’m an organ donor or not, and (most importantly) my emergency contacts. All this information can be accessed without unlocking your phone so if something happens to you, people can help you by looking at your phone.

Please, always make sure your emergency info is up to date and you always have it on you, whether it be on your smart watch, your phone, or on a card in your wallet. You should have some way for people to get your information to help in case of an emergency.

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