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When to use Recovery Position

When to put someone into the Recovery Position The person should not be routinely rolled onto the side to assess airway and breathing leave them in the position in which they have been found. This has the advantages of simplified teaching, taking less time to perform and avoids movement. The exceptions to this would be…
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Helping an Unconscious person

General Principles When someone is unconscious General Principles When someone is unconscious, all muscles are relaxed. If they are left lying on their back, the tongue, which is attached to the back of the jaw, falls against the back wall of the throat and blocks air from entering the lungs. Other soft tissues of the…
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Guidelines – Airways

ANZCOR Guideline 4 – Airway A Summary of the Airways guidelines consists of who does this guideline apply to? Which explains that this particular guideline applies to all persons whose need airway management. Airway management is required to provide an open airway when a person is unconscious, has an obstructed airway, or needs rescue breathing.…
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