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CPR and Adding Breaths

CPR Breaths Kneel beside the victim’s head. Maintain an open airway (refer to ANZCOR Guideline 4). Take a breath, open your mouth as widely as possible and place it over the person’s slightly open mouth. While maintaining an open airway, pinch the nostrils (or seal nostrils with rescuer’s cheek) and blow to inflate the person’s…
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Breathing – ARC Guideline 5

ANZCOR Guideline 5 – Breathing A quick summary of Who does this guideline apply is that this guideline applies to all persons in need of resuscitation. Some frequently asked questions in regards to these guidelines also include who the audience for this guideline is? And to put it in simple terms this guideline is for…
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Recognition of Upper Airway Obstruction

Recognition of Upper Airway Obstruction Airway obstruction may be partial or complete, and present in the conscious or the unconscious person however can sometimes be difficult to identify or even recognize. Typical causes of airway obstruction may include, but are not limited to: • relaxation of the airway muscles due to unconsciousness • inhaled foreign…
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Airway Management

Airway Management Airway management is required to provide an open airway when the person: • is unconscious • has an obstructed airway • needs rescue breathing. For unresponsive adults and children, it is reasonable to open the airway using the head tilt chin lift maneuver. For lay rescuers performing compression-only CPR, there is insufficient evidence…
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